Are McDonald's burgers 100 %? The answer is yes. We only use high quality, tasty beef cuts that make up our 100 % beef patties. McDonald’s SA’s beef burgers are only made with 100 % beef, which is ground up for use in our patties. We take the quality of our food and customer satisfaction very seriously, which is why we guarantee that our beef patties always satisfy the South African government’s food quality standards and be 100% real beef.

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So, how are our 100 % beef patties made?

So, which beef cuts do we use in our beef patties? Our 100 % beef patties are created from a selection of beef chuck, brisket, rib eye, shoulder, round and loin cuts; without exception. So, how are our burgers able to retain their shape if they only contain beef and nothing else? We achieve this by chilling the selected beef cuts, before they are ground up to a specific temperature, which is just below the beef’s freezing point. Once you place your order, we only add a pinch of salt and pepper after your 100 % beef patty has been grilled. Don’t worry, you can also choose to have burgers without the added salt or pepper - just ask our friendly staff to do that when you place your order. Once the meat intended for your patty is ground up to the ideal consistency, it is pressed and cut into round patties. These 100 % beef patties are then frozen and shipped to all of McDonald’s SA’s restaurants. The beef that is found in our burgers is carefully sourced from reputable, independently-owned farms to make sure that our beef meets our high standards at all times. These farms and ancillary facilities are audited on a regular basis to guarantee that they always meet our food quality standards. Another one of our quality checks involves sticking to a best-before date regarding all our food and other products. We factor in our food’s required taste, appearance and texture when determining the food item’s required best-before date.

Feel free to take a look at our menu if you would like a more detailed breakdown of what goes into our 100 % beef burgers. Also, feel free to browse our microsite to see what other people have been asking about our food.

Is McDonald’s beef treated with ammonia?

So, we only use 100 percent beef, but you may want to know if they are treated with any chemicals. McDonald’s SA’s beef patties are not treated with ammonia or any other chemicals. From the start, our burgers have comprised of only 100 % real beef, which has been always been free of ammonia too. The subject of food safety from the start has always been of the utmost importance and it will remain that way.

How exactly are McDonald’s 100 % beef patties made?

Once the cows have been slaughtered, the beef is processed accordingly, and is chilled and frozen. This chilling process makes sure that these 100 % beef patties do not spoil during transit. The method of how we make our 100 % beef patties starts with fresh, high-quality beef. Binders and fillers are not necessary because the patties retain their form due to the way we chill and process the beef meat into a fine consistency. Lastly, each and every patty is flash-frozen to -18°C to ensure that it keeps its high-quality and meets all food safety requirements. These frozen 100 % beef patties are then transported to our restaurants where they are kept frozen until you place your food order. Click here to learn more about how our food is freshly prepared at each of McDonald’s SA’s restaurants.

Are McDonald’s beef burgers Halaal?

All our food and drinks, are certified one hundred percent Halaal, all of the time, across every McDonald’s SA’s restaurant in South Africa. All of our beef meat is certified as Halaal by the MJCHT. Click here for more information on our Halaal status.

McDonald’s 100 % beef burgers

Feel free to browse a brief summary of your favourite, mouth-watering, McDonald’s 100 % beef burgers below.

Big Mac®

The McDonald’s Big Mac® comes with two 100 % beef patties. These succulent beef patties are complimented by a tasty combination of crisp lettuce, diced onion, cheese and a sesame seed bun. Learn more about its ingredients here.


The Cheeseburger® contains a single 100 percent beef patty. A combination of cheese, tangy pickles, tomato sauce, mustard and a soft bun are added together with this beef patty to create them. Learn more about its ingredients here.

Deluxe Cheeseburger®

The Deluxe Cheeseburger® has a single 100 % beef patty within its bun. Cheese, tomato, lettuce and a soft bun complement this tasty patty. Find out more about them ingredients here.

Double Hamburger®

It has two tasty 100 % beef patties; together with mustard, tomato sauce, chopped onions, tangy pickles and a soft bun. Learn more about its ingredients here.


The Hamburger contains one succulent 100 % beef patty, which is seasoned with salt and pepper, and placed on a soft sesame seed bun. They are freshly prepared once you order them (as is the case with all of our food), can ordered without condiments or pickles etc. Find out more about the rest of its ingredients here.

McDouble Burger®

These burgers two tasty 100 percent beef patties, along with some other delicious ingredients: a soft bun, mustard, tomato sauce and tangy pickles. Learn more about its ingredients here.

McFeast Deluxe®

McFeast Deluxe® burgers have two succulent, quarter pound, 100 % beef patties. Tasty McBraai and McChicken sauces; together with crisp, lettuce, cheese, onion, tomato and a sesame seed bun make up this mouth-watering food. Find out more about its ingredients here.

McRoyal Deluxe®

McRoyal Deluxe® burgers have a single juicy 100 % beef patty. Delicious tangy mayo, pickles, mustard sauce, cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato sauce and a sesame seed bun come together to make these tasty burgers. Learn more about our McRoyal Deluxe’s® ingredients here.

Quarter Pounder with Cheese®

McDonald’s Quarter Pounder With Cheese® burgers come with one quarter pound, 100 % beef patty. Delicious cheese, ketchup, onions, pickles and a sesame seed bun, together with its beef patty, make up this enjoyable food. Find out more about the Quarter Pounder With Cheese® ingredients here.

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese®

Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese® burgers come with two juicy, quarter pound, and 100 % beef patties each; together with two slices of cheese, tangy pickles, tomato sauce, seasoning, onions and a sesame seed bun. Find out more about our Double Quarter Pounder With Cheese® ingredients here.

McDonald’s offer a wide range of 100% beef burgers

Each of our 100% beef burgers are unique and offer something for everyone. That’s being said, each of our burgers has one thing in common, which is that they are all delicious. From the Hamburger to the Big Mac® burger and many burgers in between, there’s a burger to suit many different tastes. It’s all about delicious choices.

How is each 100% beef patty grilled?

Once you place your order, a beef patty is grilled in a specialised two-sided grill. This grill ensures that each patty is not only cooked quickly but it also locks in all of the famous, juicy flavour. Another benefit of the grills we use is that they remain locked until they are cooked properly. This ensures that you are never served an under-cooked burger patty accidently.

McDonald’s is 100% transparent about our burgers ingredients

Not only do we guarantee that McDonald’s burgers are 100% beef, we also provide you with the exact ingredients and nutritional value of each burger. From the energy (kJ) to dietary fibre, we share all of the information, regarding the juicy burger you enjoy at any of our McDonald’s restaurants or at home. We at McDonald’s are firm believers in well-balanced diets which are where knowing everything about what you are eating is important.