Are McNuggets® made with real chicken? The answer is yes. All of McDonald’s South Africa’s McNuggets® are only made with real chicken. Rest assured that each and every one of our Chicken McNuggets® satisfies the South African government’s regulations. All of our McNuggets® are made with real chicken breast, together with seasoning and a portion of chicken skin. The seasoning adds additional flavour and the chicken skin acts as a binder.

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How do we make our Chicken McNuggets®?

For those who want to know more about how our Chicken McNuggets® are made, then read on as we think it’s interesting too. The high-quality chicken breast, seasoning and chicken skin mix are formed into the McNuggets® shape to which we are all accustomed, and finally they are covered in a tempura-like solution. It is also worth pointing out that our Chicken McNuggets®-making process does not include chemically treating the chicken and which does not contain any ‘pink slime’.

McDonald’s SA chicken suppliers are strictly regulated

We are proud to associate ourselves with our suppliers, as they are producers of only high-quality food products that always meet our strict quality and food safety-related standards. To prevent food poisoning from occurring, the McNuggets® are frozen very soon after they are made at our supplier’s facility. Our Chicken McNuggets® remain frozen till an order for them has been placed at any of our restaurants. Another step to insure optimal food safety is that using another cooking procedure makes sure that all McNuggets® are cooked properly (a particular internal temperature is always met). Visit our menu here if you are still curious to learn more about the exact ingredients in our delicious McNuggets® and other food. Are you interested in finding out what other customers have been asking about our food? Then visit our microsite here.

The story behind Chicken McNuggets® and their real chicken recipe

The story behind our famous Chicken McNuggets®, which began over forty years ago, is an interesting one. In the US, Keystone Foods was McDonald’s original supplier of McNuggets. Real chicken was the starting point for the scrumptious McNuggets recipe, and always will be. Chicken McNuggets have and will continue to be freshly prepared each day in every one of McDonald’s South Africa’s restaurants.