So, you’d like to know if our milkshakes are really made from potatoes… not at all!. We completely understand your curiosity about what goes into the food you consume. If McDonald’s SA believed our milkshakes had potatoes in them, we too would want to know the truth! You can rest assured that all of our milkshake products are 100% free of potatoes. McDonald’s SA is proud of the food and beverages we serve and it is our top priority to maintain the quality and safety of the food we serve our customers. If you’re wondering why our milkshakes are so thick, the answer is that it’s a combination of our ingredients together with our blending process in store that is used to create the consistency.

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Also, McDonald’s SA do not use any lard or pig fat in our milkshakes. We are a Halaal certified organisation and our milkshakes are made with many natural ingredients including milk, sugar, pectin, natural flavouring and guar gum. All of the ingredients together are used to create that delicious, well-blended icy taste our customers love. McDonald’s South Africa has strict food safety controls and standards in place throughout its supply chain to ensure safe, high quality food to our customers. Our dairy products are sourced from approved suppliers both locally and internationally. Our milkshakes meet local regulations as set out by the government. Our Shake/Sundae machine was especially designed for McDonald's to include an additional food safety precaution which is a daily heat treatment that pasteurises the dairy mix contents of the machine. Our machine has a cleaning schedule which includes detailed daily, weekly and bi-weekly cleaning tasks.

If you would still like to know more about what ingredients go into our milkshakes, have a look at the menu section of the McDonald’s SA website. Are you interested to see what other customers have been asking us? Check out their questions and the answers we gave them on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.