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Keeping families together to help kids heal faster and cope better

Helping a sick child fight their illness takes a big enough emotional toll on a family, let alone the financial strain. Mc- Donald’s understood the need to improve the lives of children and their families during difficult times by creating The Ronald McDonald House of Charities organisation (RMHC) South Africa, McDonald’s South Africa’s charity of choice and its largest corporate donor.

RMHC helps families by accommodating them near their critically ill and hospitalized child in a Ronald McDonald House, providing a place to rest while visiting their sick child in a Ronald McDonald Family Room and providing healthcare services such as vaccinations and optical services to rural communities through Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

RMHC in South Africa

McDonald’s will launch the first Ronald McDonald House of Charities in Africa this year, with the first Ronald McDonald House opening in November 2014. Find out how you can get involved and be a part of our family. We can’t do it without all of you.

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