So, you’d like to know if McDonald’s South Africa dips their Fries in beef fat… Nope. No ways. The answer to that is a big NO. Our Fries are not dipped in beef fat at any stage. In fact, they are not dipped in any animal fat at all. Our fries are completely vegetarian-friendly. No beef fat, beef flavouring or any other non-vegetarian ingredients are used in the process of making our infamous Fries. We also make absolutely sure that our Fries are prepared and fried in a separate vat to avoid cross contamination with meat products. That’s a fact.

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To further answer your question, let’s unpack the whole fry-making process. Our Fries are cut from real, specially selected, high-quality potatoes. The potatoes are first washed. The potatoes are then sealed inside the peeling machine and compressed with steam. As the steam is released, the potato peels fall off. The Fries are then blanched. Our blanching process, or par-cooking of the potatoes in hot water or steam, helps remove excess natural sugars which causes caramelisation and create unappealing dark areas in the Fries once cooked. Once the Fries have been blanched, we treat them with a dextrose solution which is a corn-derived sugar. Dextrose (glucose) is about two-thirds as sweet as table sugar. This dextrose solution is added to give the Fries a uniform golden appearance after cooking. Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP) is also used to prevent fries from turning grey. Once the potatoes are mechanically sliced the Fries are then par-fried in palm oil after blanching to prevent breakage. This thickens the surface of the potato and makes it less susceptible to breakage. Having a variety of lengths (long, medium and smaller) is important to how we serve the product, so making sure the fries don't break in transit is important to us. Par-frying also helps with colour and shortening cook time at the restaurant. The fries are then cooled gradually until frozen which is then packaged for McDonald’s stores. And that is how our Fries always manage to look so perfect.

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