So, you’d like to know if ‘100% beef’ means that McDonald’s South Africa use 100% of the cow when making their food… The answer to that is no. We only use very specific parts of the cow. Our 100% beef patties are made using select cuts of beef. We make absolutely sure that our 100% beef burger patties meet local regulations as set out by the government. So if we don’t use the whole cow, which parts do we use? Our beef patties are made from meat cut from the shoulder, chuck, brisket, ribeye, loin and round. Those are the only parts we use. We also don't use any fillers or additives, just a dash of salt and pepper that we add to the patty once it has been grilled and cooked. This means that if you would like to order your burger without salt and pepper you can! Just let a McDonald’s crew person know your desired requirements when you place your order. Simple as that.

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Want to know how our minced beef is formed into patties without the use of fillers or binders? We use fresh, chilled lean and fat beef at a precise temperature, which is coarsely ground. This meat is then blended in a mixer-grinder until the proteins are extracted, and is then ground to a finer grind size (again at a temperature which is extremely precise). The finely ground 100% pure beef mince is then shaped into hamburger patties at the forming machine and maintain their shape due to the high forming pressures and naturally occurring extracted proteins (from the blending procedure) which cross link with each other thereby creating the adhesion. The shaped patties are then frozen instantaneously to a temperature of -18 °C to preserve the product integrity and quality, locking in the freshness. The patty is stored and distributed in the frozen state until prepared on the grill for consumption - no binders or fillers are used.

We are very particular about where our meat is sourced. In South Africa, we source our beef from independently owned cattle farms. On these farms, the cattle spend their lives grazing in the feedlot. At McDonald’s South Africa, the humane treatment of animals in the supply chain is important. Animal Welfare audits are conducted by third party auditors to ensure compliance with McDonalds’ Animal Health and Welfare standards.

If you would still like to know more about our patties and the other elements we use to make our incredibly moreish burgers, you can have a look at the menu section of the McDonald’s website. Here you will find a full list of all the ingredients that go into all of our different meals. Lots of customers have been adding their voices to the conversation. You can have a look at our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite to see their questions and our answers.