Does McDonald’s use real chicken? The answer is yes. McDonald’s only use real chicken, that’s 100% real chicken in our Chicken McNuggets® and any other chicken product. McDonald’s SA is proud of its commitment to always guarantee that our chicken products do in fact satisfy all South African government regulations.

Get to know all our food

You may wonder from where McDonald’s SA gets all its chicken. We use South African and Brazilian chicken suppliers. At this point in time, local chicken suppliers cannot meet our demand of chicken, so international chicken suppliers have to be used as well. Finlar Fine Foods in South Africa supplies us with all of our chicken products. McDonald’s SA, along with our supplier, ensures that all chickens come from regulated and approved abattoirs. Finlar Fine Foods consistently checks and audits the meat to guarantee the final product’s quality.

Real Chicken is used in our McNuggets®

You may want to learn more about our popular McNuggets®. The meats that can be found in all of McDonald’s SA’s McNuggets® come from broiler chickens. We use their meat because they are bred only for their high-quality meat. The 100% chicken breast meat is mixed with seasoning for added flavour and chicken skin is added as a binder. These mixed ingredients are then pressed into their distinctive shapes. The next step sees the McNuggets® being coated in a tempura-style batter solution. Feel free to get the exact ingredient breakdown of all of our chicken products and of any of our other products by visiting our menu here. For the curious, you can browse other questions which people have been asking, by visiting our microsite here.