How is my burger made? Does it sit there all day waiting to be ordered? Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef?

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So, you’d like to know how your burger is made and if it sits around all day waiting to be ordered... To answer the second part of your question first, your burger absolutely does not sit around all day waiting to be ordered. Each and every 100% beef burger at all McDonald’s SA restaurants is always freshly prepared after an order is placed. So what is the process then? Here you go! Firstly, after you place your order it appears on a screen in the kitchen that lets a McDonald’s crew person know about the order you have just made. The crew person then begins making your burger. The crew person starts by toasting a bun, then adds the freshly-prepared ingredients; including the 100% beef burger patty, lettuce, pickles, onions, and all the condiments that help give your McDonald’s burger its signature flavour. No sitting around waiting whatsoever.

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Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef?

So, you’d like to know if McDonald’s burgers are 100% beef. The answer is yes, we only use 100% real beef. No binders are used in our burger patties. The meat is sourced from Karan Beef our raw meat supplier and is delivered to Finlar Foods in refrigerated trucks. The beef is quality audited at every step in the supply chain. The burger patties are maintained frozen when shipped to all our McDonald’s restaurants, once again, in refrigerated trucks.

Do you know that it is also possible to order your food unsalted? We understand that not everyone wants to have salt on their food. If you are one of these people, make sure you specify that you want your burger or fries with no salt when you place your order. Salt is only added to both our burger patties and Fries after they have been cooked, as all our food is only prepared once we take your order... At McDonald's South Africa, we are proud of the food we serve. We follow rigorous and demanding food safety and quality specifications. This is part of an ongoing process to ensure our commitment to customer satisfaction. Just a reminder, McDonalds SA is Halaal certified and no pork is allowed or served in any of the McDonald's restaurants in South Africa.

If you would like to read an even more in-depth explanation of what ingredients go into your freshly-made burger, check out the menu section of the McDonald’s SA website for a full breakdown of all our ingredients. Are you curious about what other people have been asking us? Check out their questions and our answers on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.