So, you’d like to know if there is ‘pink slime’ in your Chicken McNuggets®... The answer is a definitive no. At McDonald’s SA, we guarantee that there is no ‘pink slime’ in any of our Chicken McNuggets®. Our Chicken McNuggets® meet local regulations as set out by the government. In fact, we promise that all our food is completely, utterly and wholly free of ‘pink slime’.

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Now that we have got that fact swiftly out of the way, would you like to know what exactly does go into our Chicken McNuggets®? Our Chicken McNuggets are made from 100% chicken breast combined with a few other key ingredients, like the seasoning that gives our McNuggets® their signature flavour. We also use a portion of chicken skin in our nugget mix. This chicken skin is used for its flavour as well as its binding properties. The McNuggets® are then coated in a tempura-style batter. In South Africa, McDonald’s sources its chicken McNuggets® from Finlar Fine foods who is the sole supplier of Chicken McNuggets® in South Africa.

Still got more questions about our McNuggets®? Well, another noteworthy fact is that McDonald’s SA’s McNuggets® are not chemically treated in any way, shape or form. McDonald's ensures that all our ingredients are sourced from approved suppliers that follow stringent food safety and quality standards. These standards also extend to a controlled distribution environment. This process includes, but is not limited to, making sure that the McNuggets® remain frozen until the very moment that they are deep fried in store. In all McDonald’s stores, our cooking procedures are designed specifically to make certain that each and every individual McNugget reaches the mandatory internal food safety temperature to kill any and all pathogenic bacteria, such as Salmonella.

If you would still like to know more about our McNuggets® – like an ingredient-by-ingredient breakdown – head on over to the menu section of the McDonald’s SA website. Other people have asked us questions too. You can have a look on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite to get even more answers.