So, you’d like to know if McDonald’s South Africa treats their meat with ammonia... The answer is not at all; our meat is in no way treated with ammonia. Whether it is the beef, chicken or fish we use in our food, McDonald’s SA guarantees that all of our meat products are 100% free of ammonia. We have always used 100% pure beef and not ammonia-treated beef in all our hamburgers. Food safety has been and will continue to remain a top priority for us. McDonald’s SA complies with regulations as set out by the government. Further to this, throughout our supply chain we have our own food safety measures and standards in place to help ensure safe, high-quality food is sold to all of our customers. So, you can be absolutely sure that all of our meat is ammonia-free.

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Another thing worth mentioning is that our patties are free of both fillers and binders. We use fresh chilled lean and fat beef at a precise temperature, which is coarsely ground. This meat is then blended in a mixer-grinder until the proteins are extracted, and is then ground to a finer grind size (again at a temperature which is extremely precise). The finely ground 100% pure beef mince is then shaped into hamburger patties at the forming machine and maintain their shape due to the high forming pressures and naturally occurring extracted proteins (from the blending procedure) which cross link with each other thereby creating the adhesion. The shaped patties are then frozen instantaneously to a temperature of -18 °C to preserve the product integrity and quality, locking in the freshness. The patty is stored and distributed in its frozen state until prepared on the grill for consumption - no binders or fillers are used.

McDonald's SA uses only approved suppliers within our supply chain. This means that all suppliers undergo external, third party food safety audits. This includes Finlar Fine Foods, the trusted meat processor we have worked with for 20 years. Finlar's facilities are inspected annually to ensure compliance with McDonald's food safety and quality standards. Knowledgeable McDonald’s Quality Assurance staff and third-party auditors carry out routine inspections of the process. In summary, rest assured that all of our meat – whether it’s our chicken, beef or fish – complies with the South African legislations.

If you are feeling inquisitive about any of the other ingredients we use in our meals, please have a look at the menu section of the McDonald’s SA website. Are you interested in what other people might have been asking us? Have a look at all their questions on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.