Good News Stories About Real People

At McDonald's, we are proud to celebrate our people who have made strides in their careers and have shown that the sky is the limit. We hope that their stories inspire you to achieve your dreams.


McDonald’s SA Owner Operator

Arno Bakkes attributes his respect and appreciation for his staff to flipping patties and working the cash register at his eldest brother’s restaurant. Through his passion, dedication and drive, he opened his own McDonald’s years later.
Watch more of his journey and learn about his inspiring relationship with his employees.  


McDonald’s SA Franchise and Field Service Manager

For McDonald’s SA Franchising and Field Service Manager, Pettula Pienaar, the most valuable asset a person can have is the determination to succeed and maintain a positive attitude. Pettula attributes her own success and ability to overcome life’s curveballs to these traits.
Find out more about her incredible journey and bright future with McDonald’s. 


McDonald’s SA Operations Manager

Colin Masina is one of the iconic 1995 crew members that opened the first McDonald’s restaurant in SA. Colin quickly rose through the ranks and became the first crew member to be made a restaurant manager.  From the very beginning, Colin was drawn in by the McDonald’s ethos and energy.
Learn more about his 20-year McDonald’s journey and passion for the business. 


McDonald’s SA Chief Restaurant Support Officer

Jo-Ann began her 20-year career with McDonald’s as a trainee manager, washing windows and cleaning the restaurants. Over the years, while simultaneously growing her family, Jo-Ann has risen through the ranks and is now responsible for overseeing all restaurant support function departments.
Learn more about Jo-Ann’s journey through the golden archways of opportunity.


McDonald’s SA Owner Operator

Peter Moyanga has always been an entrepreneur at heart. 20 years ago, he was the first ever McDonald’s employee in South Africa.   Today, he is one of the company’s  Proudest owner Operators. Although Peter has seen the company change over the years, certain things have remained consistent.
Learn more about how he worked his way up.


McDonald’s SA’s Owner Operator

Sphiwe Reggie Skhosana remembers the feeling of opening his restaurant like it was yesterday. “The excitement was overwhelming, it was almost unreal. The country was changing in so many ways all at the same time” says Reggie.
Learn more about how Reggie took the risk and invested in the iconic brand.


McDonald’s SA Corporate Affairs Director

Having grown up in a rural environment, Sechaba always had the grit to make it big in the business world. From holding the position of Marketing Director, to being McDonald’s SA spokesperson, Sechaba was able to influence the brand’s reputation in SA.
Learn more about where his love for the brand began.


McDonald's SA Brand Manager

Dynamites come in small packages and that rings true when meeting McDonald's Brand Manager, Mbali Ndandani. "If I contributed by thinking differently, bringing a different idea to the table as well as bringing energy to the team, I feel that I have succeeded", she says.

Mbali shares a motivating story about believing in your unique strengths and potential. Watch her journey and learn more about building a resilient character to accomplish your goals.


McDonald's SA Hostess

McDonald's fosters a close-knit community amongst its staff and this is something Phumeza Qhwesha, who is physically challenged, values as an employee.

Her journey is about the spirit of Ubuntu. Interacting with others and fostering a strong support structure is essential in your pursuit of success. Watch more and see how you can be successful despityour physical challenges


McDonald's SA Brand Manager

Meet , Monica Sithole. She is testimony of how the tiniest spark can carry like wildfire when you have a dream and a focus within McDonald's. "No two days are the same and every day I wake up trying to figure out what that day's challenge will be," she adds.

Her journey tells the story of an ambitious young lady who pushed the boundaries to achieve success. Watch her story and see her challenge herself to do the impossible.


McDonald's SA Restaurant Manager

Ray Kroc Award winner and Restaurant Manager from McDonald's Boksburg, Nhlanhla Xaba turned trials into triumph. "I've reached my goal of becoming a manager, from now I'm working to see myself grow and climb the corporate ladder at McDonald's", he shares.

His journey teaches us that through hard work and perseverance you can achieve anything. Watch more of his journey and see how perseverance is the secret to all victories.


McDonald's SA Owner Operator

Western Cape resident and owner of four McDonald's restaurants in the area, Geoff Wood has ketchup running through his veins. "I love it so much I think I have ketchup in my veins. There's a passion around the brand, it's a family environment that's exciting, fast paced and motivating," he shares.

His journey is about the invaluable lesson of passion and being goal orientated. Watch more of his story and be inspired to achieve your dreams.