So, you'd like to know if McDonald's Chicken McNuggets® are made with pink slime... The answer is absolutely not, the substance known as ‘pink slime' is most definitely not used to make McDonald's South Africa's Chicken McNuggets®. In fact, we guarantee that all our chicken meals and food items are 100% free of ‘pink slime'. McDonald's SA makes sure all the chicken we use in our food meets local regulations. So what do we use to make our Chicken McNuggets® then? Our McNuggets® are made from 100% chicken breast, a proportion of chicken skin (which is used to flavour and bind) and some seasoning for taste. That's it. No ‘pink slime' at all.

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All of our Chicken McNuggets® are made from "actual chicken." The breast meat is removed from the bird and then mixed together with seasoning prior to forming the Chicken McNuggets®. The nuggets are then coated with a tempura-style batter.

In South Africa, Finlar Fine Foods is the exclusive supplier of Chicken McNuggets®. In chicken production, Finlar makes sure to carefully inspect and source chickens from approved McDonald's slaughterhouses.

In addition, a controlled distribution environment is maintained to ensure the safe supply of nuggets to the stores. This includes keeping the McNuggets® frozen until they are dropped into the fryer in stores, ready to be served. In store, our cooking procedures are specifically designed to ensure that each nugget reaches the required internal temperature to destroy pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella. Another comforting fact is that McDonald's Chicken McNuggets® are in no way chemically treated in this process.

If you are interested and would like to a see a full breakdown of all the ingredients that go into our McNuggets®, we welcome you to have a look at our menu on the McDonald's SA website. In fact, you can find any of our meals and their ingredients on our website. Are you curious about what other people have been asking us? Have a look at their questions and our answers on our ‘Know Our Food' microsite.

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets are not made with pink slime

In the above video, Sylvia Visser, Finlar Food's Technical Manager, assures viewers that no pink slime is used in any shape or form. Sylvia goes on to explain that only 100% breast meat and skin bought from approved suppliers are used in McNuggets®. The breasts and skin arrive at Finlar Food via refrigerated trucks. Finlar Food's employees then carry out comprehensive food safety and quality checks on the meat. For example, this process includes checking the temperature of the meat. The meat is then sorted to remove bones. Both the breasts and skin, along with spice and water are then blended together. This final mixture makes its way to the ‘former' where the meat is pressed into the familiar McNuggets® shapes.