So, you’d like to know if McDonald’s South Africa’s milkshakes are really made from potatoes… We’re not sure where or how this rumour started, but the answer is no. Our milkshakes are definitely not made from potatoes. McDonald’s can guarantee you that none of our milkshakes contain potatoes in any shape or form. McDonald’s SA is proud of the food and beverages we serve and it is our top priority to maintain the quality and safety of the food we serve our customers. If you’re wondering why our milkshakes are so thick, the answer is that it is a combination of our ingredients together with our blending process in store that is used to create the consistency.

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McDonald’s South Africa has strict food safety controls and standards in place throughout its supply chain to ensure safe, high quality food to our customers. Our dairy products are sourced from approved suppliers both locally and internationally. Our milkshakes meet local regulations as set out by the government.

Our milkshakes are suitable for lacto vegetarians which means that they are suitable for vegetarians that consume milk. There are no other animal by - products contained in our milkshakes. We do not use any lard or pig fat in our milkshakes. We are a Halaal certified organisation and have strict food safety standards in place throughout our supply chain to help ensure safe, high quality food to our customers.

All our milk products undergo pasteurisation which is a step in the milk process that is aimed at killing pathogenic bacteria. Pathogenic bacteria are harmful if ingested. It is also required by legislation that milk products sold to the public be pasteurised.

Would you still like to know more about what exactly goes into our milkshakes? For a full breakdown of our milkshake ingredients, please visit the menu section of the McDonald’s SA website. What has everyone else been asking? Find out by visiting our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.