So,"does McDonald’s use real chicken?" is the question on your mind. Well, the answer is a simple and straightforward – yes! McDonald’s SA can guarantee that all of the chicken that is used in our food is 100% real chicken. Whether you order our Chicken McNuggets®, Chicken McBites or any other chicken meal, if it says it’s chicken you can rest assured that it will be 100% chicken. At McDonald’s we ensure that the chicken sourced meets local regulations as set out by the government.

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Where do we source our chicken? Currently McDonald's SA uses both local South African chicken and Brazillian. Ultimately, our goal is to buy 100% South African chicken however until South African suppliers can meet the demand, international suppliers will also be used. All our chicken is sourced via Finlar Fine Foods – the exclusive supplier of McNuggets® in South Africa. Finlar sources chickens from approved McDonald’s slaughterhouses. The meat is carefully inspected by Finlar to ensure consistent, safe products. The chicken breast used for our McNuggets® comes from Broiler chickens, which are raised exclusively for their meat.

For eager readers, here is some more information about the McDonald’s McNugget® process. 100% breast meat is blended with seasoning and chicken skin. Together this mix forms the basis of our McNuggets® which is then formed into distinct nugget shapes. These are then coated with a tempura-style batter.

If you would still like to know more about our chicken, or any other McDonald’s meals, have a look at the menu tab on the McDonald’s SA website and select the meal you are interested in. There you will find a full breakdown of all the ingredients that go into specific meals. If you would like to see the sort of questions that have also been answered, click through to our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.

McDonald’s only use real chicken

McDonald’s South Africa carefully selects its suppliers and regulates them too. In the above video, we go behind-the-scenes regarding the production of McNuggets® at the Finlar Foods facility. The Technical Manager in charge of McNuggets® production, Sylvia Visser, explains and shows how they are made. Sylvia also reiterates that only real chicken can be found in McNuggets®. Also, Sylvia reveals that she is fully aware of the pink slime images that are on the Internet and fervently verifies that there is no pink slime in McDonald’s South Africa’s McNuggets®. Sylvia goes on to explain to viewers how the breasts and skin that arrive at the Finlar Foods facility is meticulously checked so that it meets the required standards. The 100% breasts are then sorted to remove bones. The processed skin and meat are then blended together and pressed into the shapes of McNuggets®. The usage of real chicken holds true for all other McDonald’s chicken products.