So, you’d like to know if McDonald’s South Africa uses real meat in their food… The answer is YES. Whether it’s our beef, chicken or fish, we guarantee that all of the different meat cuts we use are 100% real meat. All of the meat we use in our food complies with local regulations as set out by the government. So, to reiterate – all of our beef burger patties are made from real beef, all of our chicken food items (McNuggets®, McBites®, wraps, salads and burgers) are made from real chicken and lastly, only real fish is used in our Fillet-O-Fish®. So, all of our various meat products are made from only real meat, 100% of the time. We take great pride in offering you good food, so we ensure that we always serve you high-quality meat, whether its beef, chicken or fish; along with tasty, fresh buns, wraps, salads and many other ingredients.

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How can we be sure, you ask? Well, McDonald's South Africa only uses approved suppliers within our supply chain. This means that all suppliers are expected to undergo external, third party food safety audits. This includes our meat processor, Finlar Fine Foods. Finlar is a governmentally registered and inspected facility that has been McDonald's SA supplier since we set up our very first South African restaurant in 1994. To ensure their compliance with McDonald's food safety standards and testing protocols, both knowledgeable McDonald's Quality Assurance staff and third-party auditors are tasked with inspecting Finlar's facilities annually.

Not only does McDonald’s SA use 100% real meat but we also source our meat from local, independently owned cattle farms. On these farms cattle spend most of their lives grazing in the feedlot. While feedlots for beef cattle may be looked at by some as an example of what they call ‘factory farming’, a tour of one shows the animals have adequate food, water and considerable room to move around. Third party audits are conducted at the feedlot to ensure that the humane treatment of animals conforms to McDonald’s Animal Health and Welfare standards. We are committed to transparency and are doing our very best to share the valuable opinions of independent experts and the science that guides our practices when it comes to Animal Welfare.

If you would still like to know more about our meat – or any of our other food for that matter – please check out our menu on the McDonald’s SA website. There you will find a full breakdown of all our ingredients. Are you curious about what other people have been asking us? See their questions and our answers on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.