So, you’d like to know how your Big Mac® is made once you order it… At all of McDonald’s South Africa’s restaurants, your Big Mac® is freshly prepared once your order is placed. No exceptions. The moment you place your order it appears on a screen, which lets a McDonald’s crew person in the kitchen know about your order and if you have any special requirements. Upon reading the order, a crew person then toasts the Big Mac® bun, adds the freshly grilled 100% beef patties, fresh lettuce, onions, pickles, condiments and our signature Big Mac® sauce. And voilà, a freshly made Big Mac® is served to you.

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All companies in South Africa must comply with government regulations and standards. Whilst we can't speak to our competitors' practices, we can tell you that at McDonald's, we are proud of our food safety and food quality. We follow rigorous and demanding food safety and quality specifications. Satisfied? If not, here is some more in-depth detail about the cooking process. McDonald's cooks its beef patties on a two-sided grill. This cooks the hamburger patty from both the top and the bottom. This two-sided method cooks the hamburger patty faster, searing in the natural juices on both sides at the same time. The top-heating element of the grill does not release until the correct cooking time is reached, to prevent under cooking of the hamburger patty. This method ensures that your Big Mac® will be fully cooked.

So what else goes into your Big Mac®? Visit the McDonald’s SA website and take a look at our menu for a full list of the ingredients that go into your burger. If you are interested in what other people might be asking us, have a look at their questions – as well as our answers – on our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite.