So, you’d like to know how your McDonald’s food is made once you order it... We completely understand – we’d also be curious to know how we receive our food so quickly! We have spent many years perfecting our cooking process and are happy to share it with you. Our food is freshly prepared once we take your order at any of our McDonald’s restaurants. The first step is the ordering process. Once your order is captured, it appears on a screen, which informs a crew person in the kitchen about the order. A crew person then begins the process of preparing your order, using only fresh, high-quality ingredients which is assembled into a burger. At McDonald’s we cook our 100% beef patties on a two-sided grill, which cooks the patty from both top and bottom. Not only does this process ensure that the hamburger patty is cooked quickly, it also simultaneously sears the natural juices of the patty in from both sides. This means that you can be reassured that your McDonald’s burger is fully cooked.

Get to know all our food

McDonald’s South Africa takes enormous pride in the food that we serve our customers. We adhere to strict food safety and quality requirements. McDonald's SA aims to serve food that is of the highest quality and freshly prepared for our customers. We are also extremely passionate about our cleaning process and follow a strict cleaning regime. The cooking oil used for each of our fryers is filtered daily. Approved cleaning chemicals that are safe and suitable for the food industry are used to clean our equipment.

Did you know that if you prefer your food unsalted, we can happily prepare your burger or fries without salt? Salt is only ever added to both our burger patties and Fries after they have been cooked. Because we only prepare all our food once an order has been placed, we can make your meal just the way you prefer it.

If you would still like to know more about what ingredients go into our food, check out the menu section of our website. You will be able to see a full breakdown of all our ingredients there. If you would like a better idea of the sort of questions other people have been asking us, have a look at our ‘Know Our Food’ microsite