Meet Ronald McDonald®

Ronald McDonald® is a magical and warm friend who makes the world a better place. He’s youthful, exciting, comforting and fun and believes in an active lifestyle.

Sometimes he acts like a clown but the truth is, he is Ronald. He’s magical – his magic is as big as anyone’s imagination. His magic is about making people happy and this keeps him forever young.

All over the world, he has special meaning for kids, parents and young adults, many of whom grew up with him. There is no one, anywhere, who knows how to make people happy like he does.

He even has his own charity, the Ronald McDonald House Charities, which helps children live better, happier lives everywhere.

Ronald brings responsible fun to McDonald’s and everyday experiences. He does this through focusing on a holistic approach to children’s well-being:

  • Mind — Ronald McDonald inspires kids to think and to learn by encouraging their curiosity, rational thinking, creativity, intellectual development and natural desire to discover new things about the world.
  • Body — Ronald McDonald encourages kids and families to find the fun in physical activity and to enjoy active playtime. This can include everything from going out for a walk to participating in organised sports.
  • Spirit — Ronald McDonald is a caring friend who is committed to giving back to kids, families and the community.