Best Burger


We challenged ourselves to reimagine our classic burgers.

McDonald’s passion for burgers and fresh preparation brought us to perfecting our already amazing taste.

We’re using 100% beef patties seared to perfection so that they’re hot, juicy, and flavourful.

We’ve introduced a new soft bun that’s freshly toasted, and we’re continuing to prepare our burgers with care right when you order.

Rediscover your favourite McDonald’s burgers, crafted with you in mind.


Meltier Cheese

Indulge into meltier cheese from the heat from the toasted bun and juicy beef patty.

Golden Delicious Bun

The new fully baked soft golden brown bun has an even sheen and is tender with a slight pull.

More Sauce

For the Big Mac enthusiasts, you’re in for a treat! Enjoy an increase in Big Mac Sauce for a richer saucier taste with every bite of your Big Mac.

Juicer Burgers

We've perfected the art of juiciness by cooking our beef patties in smaller batches. This careful approach ensures there are fewer patties on the grill at any given time, allowing our dedicated McDonald's crew to lavish extra attention on each individual patty. The result? Juicier, more succulent burgers that will leave your taste buds craving for more.