Rounda - McDonald's

Help FIGHT hunger & support

The Rounda Campaign will strive to fight hunger relief in South Africa. South Africa has one of the highest official unemployment rates in the world, with 12 million people living in extreme poverty and one in four South Africans going to bed hungry every night. By asking all South Africans to voluntarily Add a Rand to their purchase, their contribution will be paid to the Nikela Charity Funding and Development Trust, which will work closely with well-established NGO’s to assist in helping grassroots organisations to strengthen the social fabric of our society with the ultimate aim of alleviating poverty. As McDonald’s® South Africa, the funds raised from Rounda will also benefit our own Ronald McDonald’s House of Charity - RMHC, which will continue to contribute to the care, compassion, hope and love shown to families of critically ill children treated in hospitals in South Africa through RMHC.

Rounda provides us all the opportunity to collectively, and voluntarily, contribute towards a better South Africa and play our part to help address the social needs of our country.