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McDonald’s South Africa

McDonald's in South Africa is a local enterprise, with full ownership and operation overseen by local management. We are not affiliated with McDonald’s operations in Israel, which is a locally-owned Israeli enterprise. McDonald’s in Israel operates as a separate entity to McDonald’s South Africa and makes its own business and communications decisions, independent of our business in South Africa.

Our journey began with the inaugural McDonald's restaurant in Blackheath Johannesburg back in 1995 and ever since, we have been active participants in the fabric of our local community. With 377 restaurants across South Africa we play a crucial role in bolstering our national economy. We take pride in contributing to employment opportunities, local business partnerships, and fostering economic growth.

We would like to clarify that McDonald's South Africa is a commercial entity with a single-minded focus on serving great food and providing exceptional service. We do not engage in any form of political involvement. Our dedication is solely to delivering the McDonald's experience you love and trust. Thank you for being part of the McDonald's family in South Africa. We look forward to continuing to serve you and contributing to the success of our beloved community.