Listeriosis Outbreak in SA

07 Mar 2018

McDonald's South Africa (MSA) is proud of our world-class supply chain, hygiene, food safety and quality controls. This the same standards we have consistently demonstrated in South Africa for the past 23 years.
We serve approximately eight-million customers every month in South Africa and place food safety as the highest priority in our 259 businesses.
Our supplier’s food safety systems are aggressively audited using independent, third-party auditors to ensure compliance with McDonald’s Global Food Safety Standards as well as local legislations.
The core principles below take a holistic approach to not only monitoring but controlling pathogens such as Listeria in a manufacturing and food environment.
These principles include but are not limited to:
·       Hygienic zoning i.e. ensuring physical separation of Raw and Ready to eat (RTE) food at our suppliers and in our restaurants
·       Good manufacturing practices (GMPs)
·       Sanitary facility and equipment design which facilitates effective cleaning to minimise and eliminate contamination
·       Effective cleaning and sanitation procedures
·       Environmental pathogen monitoring
Suppliers have also been made aware to be extra vigilant during this time and to intensify their microbial programme through vigorous testing. 
Our commitment to serve safe food to our customers will always remain a top priority in our business.