Our ever popular McCafé® coffee drinks are made from coffee beans originating in areas of the world where optimum conditions allow for specific flavour profiles, like the warm climates of Central and South America.


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Amorino coffee is a premium bean-to-cup, roasted and ground coffee from The Coca-Cola Company. Coca-Cola is a registered trademark of The Coca-Cola Company.
The formula is a blend of Brazilian, Salvadorian and Colombian beans.

With 100% Arabica Beans, it has all the credibility you’d expect from The Coca-Cola Company matched to local consumer preferences:

  • Every cup is freshly brewed from 100% Arabica coffee beans (no chicory)
  • The beans are blended, roasted and imported from roasters selected by The Coca-Cola Company specifically for McDonald’s, based on their long heritage of adherence to excellence in manufacture and Quality Control.
  • Brewing machines are of the highest quality and selected to ensure that maximum taste is derived from the beans

The premium status of Amorino is rooted in its origin and blend.

Shade trees prevent soil erosion and enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers.. They protect the coffee plants from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna.

Berries are picked from the coffee tree with great care to ensure they’re of a similar size, ripeness and quality.

A portion of the coffee harvested goes through a washing process. The process (pulping) involves the removal of skin and pulp from the seeds. This gives the coffee a clean, smooth cup with delectable flavour. The excess moisture in the coffee is reduced to the required level through sun-drying, which is the best way to dry coffee.

Another portion of the coffee in the blend is prepared using the natural process, which, involves drying the cherries directly in the sun. This gives the coffee its body and mild fruity notes.

The coffee is then hulled, cleaned and graded in coffee mills before being sent to our roasting partners in Europe. Here, the different grades of coffee are roasted in time-tested methods with expert care. It is air-cooled before being packed with a ‘one-way value.’ This allows the CO² released by the beans to escape ensuring that air/moisture does not enter the packet thereby retaining its freshness.

The roasted blend is then evaluated by a panel of experienced coffee tasters with deep experience and knowledge of local coffee traditions before being released in the market.