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Promotions T&C'S - McDonald's

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MyMcDonald’s (APP)! Rewards Campaign 2021

Promotional terms & conditions

1. Participants

You must be a South African resident with a valid ID number to participate in the McDonald’s Rewards Campaign 2021 (the “Promotion”). The following are not eligible to participate: (i) Any persons who are directors, officers or employees of MSA Devco (Pty) Limited (“the Promoter” or “McDonald’s”), or any company supplying prizes (“Prize Partners”), or any company responsible for redemption of prizes / discounts for the Promotion and their respective parent companies, franchisees, subsidiaries, affiliated companies or service agencies, and those companies retained in any way by McDonald’s for the administration of the Promotion, (ii) any other persons involved in the development, production, or distribution of materials for this Promotion, (iii) persons who are immediate family members (defined as spouse or biological or adoptive or step – mother, father, sister, brother, daughter, son or dependant) of, or reside in the same household as, any person in any of the preceding categories, (iv) any person acting on behalf of a syndicate or collection of persons acting in concert, (v) any person entering via an agent or using the services of or which is an entity carrying on the business of entering (or advising on entering) prize promotions.

2. Age limitations

Although there is no age limit to participate in the Promotion, some instant win / discount prizes (see table below), can only be claimed if you are aged 18 years or older. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must submit the prize claim on your behalf.

3. Duration

The Promotion is live from 15th May to the 15th July 2021[PR1] , while stocks last. The last redemption date is the 20th July 2021 and all rewards are valid at participating partner venues until 31st July 2021. These dates are subject to the availability of the Promotional Vouchers and may be reduced or extended by the Promoter in order to facilitate the distribution of the Promotional Vouchers, if required; and the deadline for redemptions (as set out within these Terms and Conditions) may consequently be amended accordingly. Check for details of any changes on the McDonald’s website at (“the Website”) where such consequential amendments will be clearly set out.

4. How to Obtain MyMcDonald’s (APP) Reward Vouchers

During the Promotion, you can obtain any of the MyRewards offers on the MyMcDonald’s! Reward Voucher from any participating McDonald’s restaurant, whilst stocks last, by making a purchase on the MyMcdonald’s (APP) of any Medium or Large Meal. One the participating offers! Rewards Voucher will be given per one Medium or Large Meal. [PR1]

It is the customers’ responsibility to ensure they receive their designated number of reward voucher(s) at the time of their original purchase (as printed on the till receipt). Reward voucher(s) cannot be re-issued after the original transaction has been completed.

The Promoter reserves the right to offer additional reward vouchers at any time during the Promotion. Check for details of any changes on the website.


No Of Vouchers


  1. Big Mac Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  2. McFeast and Spicy McFeast Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  3. QPC & Double QPC Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  4. Chicken foldover & Spicy Chicken Foldover Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  5. McChicken, Cajun Chicken, Grand Chicken Spicy hot Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  6. 6pc Spicy Chicken McNuggets & 6 pc McNugget Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  7. Nazo Chicken & Nazo Beef (Single R29,90, Double R39,90) Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward
  8. McRoyale Upsize to Medium Meal or Large Meal and get a guaranteed reward

MyRewards offers! Reward Voucher for every MEDIUM or LARGE meal purchased

Purchases comprising one or more of the above Medium or Large Meals within the same transaction will qualify for ! Reward Vouchers as stated above.

4.1.  Please note that purchases done outside the MyMcDonald’s (APP) and also the following products are excluded and will not qualify for the MyRewards! Rewards vouchers: 

  4.1.1. A la carte meals

  4.1.2. Small meals

  4.1.3. Regular meals

  4.1.4. All Breakfast meals

      4.1.5. Happy Meals

        4.1.6. 2 for R25 meals

        4.1.7. All Share Bags

      4.2. MyMcDonald’s (APP) Rewards vouchers will be available for in-App redemptions only redeemed via In-store SOK, drive thru “Say the code” on the App and will not be available on any of the delivery platforms.

                  5. Two Ways to Redeem your MyMcDonald’s Rewards Voucher:

                  5.1. Redeem your reward via USSD String (*120*662#)

                    5.1.1. During the Promotion you can obtain your official MyRewards Voucher that contains a unique code (Scratch to reveal) as well as the USSD string (*120*662#) to dial;

                    5.1.2. Enter the unique code found on the voucher.

                    5.1.3. Select the province in which you reside.

                    5.1.4. After your provincial selection has been made, a list of reward categories will be displayed pertaining to the selected province.

                    5.1.5. Select your preferred guaranteed reward.

                    5.1.6. 1 (one) reward selection per unique code is permitted.

                    5.1.7. The customer will receive an SMS with the digital reward pin to be used for redemption. Once a reward has been selected it cannot be changed.

                    5.1.8. If the journey is not complete, the customer will not be issued with their digital reward pin for their intended reward.

                    5.1.9. USSD costs 20c/20 seconds.

                    5.1.10. For queries email or call 0116767778.

                  5.2. Redeem your MyRewards Rewards Voucher via Microsite

                    5.2.1. During the Promotion you can obtain your official MyReward Voucher that contains a unique code (Scratch to reveal) as well as the Microsite URL to redeem.

                    5.2.2. Enter the unique code found on the voucher in the redeem field.

                    5.2.3. Select the province in which you reside.

                    5.2.4. After your provincial selection has been made, a list of reward categories will be displayed pertaining to the selected province.

                    5.2.5. 1 (one) reward selection per unique code is permitted.

                    5.2.6. The customer will receive a message with the digital reward pin to be used for redemption via SMS.

                    5.2.7. Once a reward has been selected it cannot be changed.

                    5.2.8. If the journey is not complete the customer will not be issued with their digital reward pin for their intended reward.

                    5.2.9. Standard data charges apply.

                    5.2.10. For queries email or call 0116767778.

                  6. Rewards descriptions and conditions

                  6.1 Go Gamers (6 Months Access)

                  6.2. Sweep South Voucher (R50 off)

                  6.3. Net florist Voucher (R100 off R400 Spend)

                  6.4. Planet 54 Spend & Get Fashion Voucher (R50 off a R200 Spend)

                  6.5. R200 Flight Voucher

                  6.6. Intercity Bus return Voucher R100 (One Hundred Rand) Off

                  6.7. Days Out Voucher (Family 2-4-1).

                  7. Prize partner instant win / discount rewards. Further Rewards Details & Conditions and How to Claim.

                  7.1. Conditions applicable to all Rewards Partner Redemptions / Discount Prizes.

                    7.1.1. Instant Redemptions/Discount Prizes are not for use in conjunction with any other promotion or offer (including other price reductions) and discounts that are valid against the purchase requirement at the time of redemption.

                    7.1.2. Only Original and Authentic and Valid Reward Codes will be accepted.

                    7.1.3. Expired, counterfeit or incomplete unique codes will be VOID and will not be accepted.

                  7.2. Go Gamers (6 Months Access)

                    7.2.1. To redeem your 6-month subscription visit and sign up

                    7.2.2. Upon registration, enter the code in the PROMO CODE box.

                    7.2.3. Participants may only make use of one voucher code per entry

                    7.2.4. The voucher is not transferrable, nor may it be exchanged for cash

                    7.2.5. Free access applicable to Go Gamers Tournament Platform and 500 Go Gamer Coins

                    7.2.6. Please refer to for full T&Cs.

                    7.2.7. The Promoters will not be liable for any costs should a Participant fail to cancel their subscription after 6 months of activating the reward.

                  7.3. Sweep South Voucher (R50 Off).

                    7.3.1. To redeem your voucher visit

                    7.3.2. Customer must click on 'BOOK A SERVICE tab on the top right of the screen

                    7.3.3. Customer must then select the service of choice

                    7.3.4. Customer must then click on 'YES, LETS GO! Tab

                    7.3.5. Customer must then select the Area or type the area there are in

                    7.3.6. Customer will then select they option that best suits them

                    7.3.7. Customer will then insert the voucher code then click on 'APPLY'

                    7.3.8. The User will then click on 'FIND SWEEPSTAR'

                    7.3.9. Voucher may be redeemed once per customer

                    7.3.10. Voucher code may not be combined or used in conjunction with another promo.

                    7.3.11. For full terms and conditions visit

                   7.4. Netflorist Voucher (R100 off R400 Spend)

                    7.4.1. Log on to

                    7.4.2. Voucher valid for only one purchase session, only one voucher redeemable per person, per transaction.

                    7.4.3. Voucher not redeemable on any other promotions

                    7.4.4. All rights are reserved to cancel orders placed if there has been misuse of the voucher or unsolicited voucher use.

                    7.4.5. For full terms and conditions visit -

                  7.5. Planet 54 Spend & Get Fashion Voucher (R50 off a R200 Spend,)

                    7.5.1. To redeem your reward at Planet 54 visit

                    7.5.2. Customer must create account in order to checkout items successfully

                    7.5.3. Customer will complete all credentials and address info upon sign-up

                    7.5.4. Customer must include promo code and click 'apply' before checkout.

                    7.5.5. Customers may only make use of one voucher code per entry.

                    7.5.6. The voucher is not transferable, nor may it be exchanged for cash.

                    7.5.7. Please refer to for full T&Cs.

                  7.6. R200 Flight Voucher

                    7.6.1. This voucher can only be used on for domestic flight bookings made online.

                    7.6.2. These vouchers are valid until 3rd February 2021 until 30 April 2021

                    7.6.3. The voucher cannot be redeemed for cash value.

                    7.6.4. Any amount of the voucher not redeemed on booking may be forfeited.

                    7.6.5. Voucher code is case sensitive.

                    7.6.6. Select payment method before attempting to insert voucher code.

                    7.6.7. If you have any issues redeeming your voucher, please contact customer service on 087 820 2041

                    7.6.8. Voucher cannot be used against current special offers and promotional offers.

                    7.6.9. Please note that T&C apply:

                    7.6.10. Email Address: INFO@MCD-TRAVEL.COM for queries related to flights.

                    7.6.11. Please note parental / legal guardian consent is required for a flight ticket to be issued in the name of a minor.

                  7.7. Intercity Bus Return Voucher R100 (One Hundred Rand) Off

                    7.7.1. Customer to contact the national Intercity contact centre on 063 257 8400 for telephonic bookings or visit their nearest Shoprite Checkers Kiosk and quote their voucher code, upon the finalising of the ticket payment, the amount of the voucher code will be deducted from the total fare due.

                    7.7.2. Only one Intercity voucher may be used per customer.

                    7.7.3. The voucher may not be exchanged for cash nor is it transferrable or refundable.

                    7.7.4. The voucher code may only be applied for a single trip.

                    7.7.5. Existing Intercity promo codes or offers may not be used in conjunction with the voucher or applied toward the same trip.

                    7.7.6. The voucher may only be used within the Republic of South Africa and excludes-cross boarder trips.

                    7.7.7. Refer to for full passenger T&Cs.

                  7.8. Days Out Voucher (Family 2-4-1 )

                    7.8.1. If you are under 18 years of age, your parent or legal guardian must claim this discount prize on your behalf.

                    7.8.2. Only 1 (one) person per booking code

                    7.8.3. Booking code cannot be used against currently run specials. Booking code cannot be used twice, once off use only.

                    7.8.4. The code is only valid at the relevant venue of your choice.

                    7.8.5. Codes cannot be re-used.

                    7.8.6. The Ticket cannot be transferred for cash.

                    7.8.7. By using this voucher code, you agree to the Terms and Conditions of the selected venue, all partner terms and conditions apply *

                    7.8.8. For full Terms and Conditions, please refer to the participating partners website listed below.

                    7.8.9. Subject to promotional availability.


                  8. Conditions applicable to all prizes

                  Rewards / Discounts may not be exchanged for any cash or other alternative (unless stated) and Reward Vouchers(s) / discount are non-negotiable, non-transferable, and non-divisible and are not permitted to be sold or resold.

                  8.1. Neither the Promoter nor any redeeming outlet, shall be under any obligation to enquire whether the person submitting any voucher code is the person entitled to make the claim, irrespective as to whether or not that person first obtained that voucher code (but without affecting the Promoter’s rights in relation to anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions).

                  8.2. ALL voucher(s) will be retained on redemption (unless redeemed via a hotline or online, when the Prize Partner and or Promoter reserves the right to require prior sight of any voucher(s) prior to redemption) and only Original and Authentic voucher unique codes will be accepted. VOID voucher unique codes will not be accepted (expired, counterfeit, or incomplete).

                  8.3. All pictures and photos used to advertise the prizes are illustrative rather than definitive and are for reference only, the actual prizes may differ in their appearance.

                  8.4. Any advertisement of the cash value of the prize-pool represents the Promoter’s best estimate of the normal retail-price or (in the case of discount prizes) of the discount offered (based in turn on the average discount if variable) for all prizes which are available to be won; it does not thereby imply that any prize will be awarded in the absence of a corresponding valid claim.

                  8.5. Reproduction of any prize imagery does not thereby imply any endorsement or association by the producer of that prize-type nor by the owner of any brand associated with that prize-type.

                  8.6. All un-awarded or unclaimed prizes / discounts will lapse if not the subject of valid claims and the award of which has been completed within the time limits as prescribed by these Terms & Conditions.

                  9. Responsibility

                  9.1. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law (but not otherwise) the Promoter, its agents for administering the reward vouchers assume no responsibility and are not liable for: 

                  (i) the accuracy or otherwise of the prize description or illustration, 

                  (ii) the non-availability, loss, interception or interference with, late receipt or damage of or to any prize claim, Promotional reward vouchers, discount prize(s), voucher(s), prize or notification or other communication, 

                  (iii) (other than those warranties or conditions implied by statute and which cannot be excluded by the Promoter) any representation, warranty, condition or guarantee in respect of a prize, or 

                  (iv) any taxes, fees, charges or other costs which winners may be required to pay at any time in connection with a prize, (save to the extent that the Promoter has expressly and specifically accepted responsibility in these Terms and Conditions for the same) 

                  (v) all costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind, due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, to a person’s participation in the Promotion, or arising out of a person’s participation in any Promotion related activity, or their receipt, use or misuse of any prize that may be awarded to them.

                  9.2. All reward vouchers remain the property of the Promoter, pending redemption to winners and the Promoter reserves the right to dispose of any unclaimed prizes as they deem appropriate.

                  All prizes remain the property of the Prize Partners, pending redemption by winners and the Promoter is not responsible for the supply of, and does not own, any prizes provided by other suppliers nor acts as their agent in relation to the delivery to winners of prizes other than those supplied directly by the Promoter.

                  For any prize which must be claimed by the winners’ parent / legal guardian, the Promoter will not be obliged to award it to anyone other than that parent / legal guardian, if the winner is less than 18 years of age. The Promoter may also withhold that award should the Promoter determine in its sole discretion that a dispute may have arisen as between the winner and the parent / legal guardian in relation to the prize.

                  The Promoter is not liable or responsible to verify the identity of the parent or legal guardian.

                  The submission of prize claims is the sole responsibility of the prize claimant. Any tax liability or life, health, travel, accident or other insurance associated with any prize is payable by the prize winner and is their sole responsibility.

                    10. The promoter’s rights

                    10.1. The Promoter reserves the right and at any time at its absolute discretion and without giving any reason or notice, to vary, modify or amend the terms of these Terms and Conditions in such manner as the Promoter thinks fit. Any changes will be communicated on the Website, and all participants in the Promotion shall be deemed to have accepted such amended or modified terms by their ongoing participation in the Promotion.

                    10.2. In the event of any discrepancy between any printed Terms and Conditions, rules, short guides, declarations, the Terms and Conditions as communicated on the website will prevail.

                    10.3. The Promoter may (i) extend any time limit or waive any of the Terms and Conditions where a person might otherwise have been disqualified (without obliging the Promoter to relax the Terms and Conditions on any further occasion for that entrant or at all for any other person) (ii) terminate or suspend the Promotion at any time due to supervening circumstances beyond the Promoter’s control (iii) substitute a product deemed to be an appropriate replacement and of equal or greater value in the place of any of the prizes (or any part of a prize). The Promoter’s decision in the exercise or interpretation of any of its rights or discretions in connection with these Terms and Conditions shall be final and binding.

                    11. Force majeure / printing and production error.

                    In the event the Promoter is prevented from continuing with the Promotion as contemplated herein by any event beyond its control, including but not limited to service interruption, technology or system failure, accidental damage, fire, flood, natural or manmade or public health epidemic, earthquake, explosion, labour dispute or strike, act of public enemy, or equipment failure, riot or civil disturbance, terrorist threat or activity, war (declared or undeclared) or any provincial or local government law, or regulation, order of any court or jurisdiction, or other cause not reasonably within Promoter’s control (each a “Force Majeure” event or occurrence), then subject to any government approval which may be required, the Promoter shall have the right to modify, suspend, extend or terminate the Promotion.

                    The Promoter also reserves the right, without prior notice and at any time, to terminate the Promotion, in whole or in part, or modify, suspend, or extend the Promotion in any way, or deem the reward codes void and invalid if it determines, in its sole discretion, that the reward codes in question reflect printing or other errors which have destroyed or severely undermined the proper play, integrity and / or feasibility of the Promotion.

                    If, due to printing or production errors for any reason, more potential winners come forward seeking to claim prizes in excess of the number of each type of prize set forth in these Terms and Conditions, the winners, or r remaining winners, as the case may be, of the advertised number of prizes available in the Promotion may be selected in a random draw from among all persons making purportedly valid claims for such prizes. Inclusion in such a random draw shall be each prize claimant’s sole and exclusive remedy under such circumstances.

                    12. Privacy policy

                    In administering this Promotion, the Promoter may collect personal information from you and, unless it has first obtained your consent, the Promoter 

                    (i) will not collect more of your personal information than it needs for the purpose of administering and analysing this Promotion and carrying out publicity as stated in these Terms and Conditions, 

                    (ii) will only use your personal information for that purpose which may include transferring your personal information to its associates, and 

                    (iii) will only transfer your personal information outside South Africa for the purpose of verifying your prize claim. Selected partners of the Promoter (depending upon the nature of the prize and whether in addition to or in place of your providing personal data to the Promoter) may require you to provide to those partners personal data in connection with claiming/redeeming prizes and you should satisfy yourself with the privacy policies of such partners, as the Promoter does not accept any responsibility for them.

                    13. Publicity release

                    Subject to obtaining your prior approval and subject to compliance with all relevant laws in relation to the protection of personal information, you agree that McDonald’s, its parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, franchisees and agencies, and any of their successors, assigns, promotional partner licensees and the Prize Partners may use your name, voice, and likeness and any statements made by or attributed to you relating to McDonald’s or the Promotion in any and all media, and you release McDonald’s and the Prize Partners from any liability arising from such use, including, without limitation, claims for invasion of privacy, infringement of your right of publicity, and defamation.

                    14. General

                    14.1. All Instructions, rules and conditions on any advertising or promotional materials (including notifications, acceptance forms, redemption forms, declaration forms and prize acknowledgement forms) relating to this Promotion form part of the Terms & Conditions although, in the event of conflict, these provisions shall prevail over all such other instructions, rules and conditions. Expressions which have been defined above shall have the same meanings when used in such other instructions, rules and conditions wherever the context admits.

                      14.1.1. No claim under or participation in this Promotion or any reward voucher(s) is valid in combination with any other offer or promotion, save to the extent expressly stated herein.

                      14.1.2. Should the promoter determine based on the evidence in its possession at any given time that an entrant is in breach of the Terms and Conditions, then the Promoter may adjudge (in its sole discretion) that such entrant is ineligible to take part in this Promotion and every other promotion or offer of the Promoter and every entry, claim and request by that entrant then in process shall be disregarded and have no force or effect.

                    14.2. By participating in the Promotion, including (without limitation) the scratching and revealing

                    of any reward voucher(s), participants and / or their parents/legal guardians agree to abide by and be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the decisions made by McDonald’s and its Prize Partners for the Promotion, Dream Hotels by South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Microsoft (Pty) ltd, Barnyard Theatre South Africa (Proprietary) Limited (“EA”), Happy Island water world (Pty) ltd, Endless Holidays South Africa, Embassy South Africa (Pty) Limited (collectively, the “Prize Partners”) and of the terms of the following licence.

                    14.3. You understand and accept that 

                    (i) the Promoter retains ownership of reward vouchers(s) and ownership or control of the trademarks and other intellectual property in and over the reward vouchers(s) and all Promotion-advertising at all times (“the Property”), 

                    (ii) the Promoter grants you a licence to use the Property solely for the purposes of the proper participation in the Promotion in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, 

                    iii) none of the following shall be considered proper participation in the Promotion, namely; any sale, offer to sell, giving away or other dealing with any reward vouchers(s), any use for any purpose whatsoever of any Promotion advertising or any feature taken from it or anything which is a breach by you of the Terms and Conditions 

                    (iv) you may not assign this licence or any benefit under it, 

                    (v) any use of the Property for a purpose not stated to be permitted or any failure otherwise to observe any provision of this licence shall result in automatic termination of the licence without requirement as to notice and amount to an irremediable infringement of the Promoter’s intellectual property entitling the Promoter to all rights and remedies available by law, and 

                    (vi) following termination or expiry of this licence you will return all reward vouchers(s) to the Promoter without attempting to redeem the same and shall cease to use the Property for any purpose whatsoever.

                    14.4. The decision of the Promoter and the Prize Partners in the interpretation of these Terms and

                    Conditions, or the exercise of any rights or discretions in connection with these Terms and Conditions, shall be final and binding and the participants and/or their parents/legal guardians undertake jointly and severally not to call any of these Terms and Conditions into question in any court.

                    14.5. By participating in the Promotion and/or redeeming any prizes, participants and/or them

                    parents/legal guardians release and agree to hold, subject to the maximum extent permitted under law, McDonald’s, McDonald’s agents for administering the Promotion and the Prize Partners harmless from and against any and all costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind, due in whole or in part, directly or indirectly, to their participation in the Promotion, or arising out of their participation in any Promotion-related activity, or their receipt, use or misuse of any prize that may be awarded to them.

                    14.6. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the

                    laws of South Africa. The rights conferred by these Terms and Conditions (insofar as they are relevant) are for the benefit of the Prize Partners and McDonald’s agents for administering the Promotion. Each of the aforesaid entities shall have the right to assert and enforce those provisions relevant to itself directly against the participants of the Promotion and/or their parents/legal guardians on its own behalf.

                    14.7. All age limits shall be deemed to be actual age as at the time when a claim is made for the

                    relevant prize offered in the Promotion, unless expressly stated otherwise in these Terms & Conditions.

                    14.8. Any reward vouchers(s) will be void if it is deemed by the Promoter, Prize Partner or agents

                    for administering the promotion involved with prize-redemption, to have expired or to be counterfeit, a photocopy, or incomplete or if it has been offered for sale or a claim made in respect of it by an ineligible person. Any voucher(s) which (in the Promoter’s discretion) is misprinted shall be void and an entrant's sole remedy will be (subject to availability) a replacement reward voucher (as appropriate).

                    14.9. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall affect your statutory rights. The Promoter may

                    (in its sole discretion) decline to enter any correspondence save as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions.

                      14.9.1. All McDonald’s references marked with a TM or ® are trademarks of McDonald’s Corporation and its affiliates.

                    14.10. All artwork, elements and characters and other trademarks and trade names featured in

                    these Terms and Conditions and on all reward vouchers, advertising and other promotional materials themed on “McDonald’s reward” and “McDonalds Moments”, are owned and licensed by and are © 1935, 2012 Hasbro. All rights reserved.

                    14.11. All logos, prize visuals and other trademarks and trade names featured in these Terms and

                    14.12. Conditions and on all advertising and other promotional materials themed are owned and

                    14.13. licensed by the Prize Partners.

                    14.14. A copy of these full Terms and Conditions is available at no cost by downloading and printing

                    them from the website (until 31st July 2021).

                    For any queries please contact the MyMcDonald’s (APP) Rewards customer care centre via email: Monday to Friday – 08:30 – 16:30 excluding weekends and public holidays.

                    ©2021 McDonald’s.

                    All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.

                    Promoter: MSA Devco (Pty) Ltd t/a McDonald’s South Africa, 85 Grayston Drive, Sandton.

                    Appy's MyM Rewards Tricks & Tips

                    Q: What is MyM Rewards?

                    A: MyM Rewards is a loyalty program that is exclusively available on the McDonald’s App.

                    Q: How does MyM Rewards work?

                    A: MyM Rewards works through a digital loyalty card that is available on the deals section of the McDonald’s app. Customers will earn 10 points for every R1 spent at any McDonald’s. Where cents are present, the amount will be rounded up to the nearest point eg. R15.65 = 157 points

                    Q: How can I join the MyM Rewards loyalty program?

                    A: Joining MyM Rewards is very simple. Customers who already have the app will get a notification of updated T&C’s, once a customer accepts the new T&C’s, MyM Rewards will be activated on their account. Customers who still need to download the app, will automatically have MyM Rewards activated on their account once they accept the T&C’s and register their account.

                    Q: How do I earn points on MyM Rewards?

                    A: By Scanning the QR code on the loyalty card, any deal or reward, your transaction will be linked with your account, thereby earning points for the total value of your transaction. Points can be earned and redeemed at the front counter, self-ordering kiosks in restaurants, at Drive-Thru and at McCafé counters. It is important that the scanning is done before payment. Once payment is completed the transaction is closed and we cannot link the transaction to your account.

                    Q: How do I burn (spend) the earned points?

                    A: There are numerous rewards that can be redeemed by burning (spending) previously earned points. The Rewards Menu contains a variety of delicious and iconic items from our McDonald’s menu. McDonald’s reserves the right to change the Rewards Menu without any prior notice.

                    Q: When do my points expire?

                    A: Points on MyM Rewards expire 12 months after they are earned. The expiry date is rounded to the end of the month the following year. You will receive a notification when the points are about to expire but you can also access your transaction history from the information icon on the loyalty card.

                    Q: How do I earn and burn (spend) points via Drive-Thru?

                    A: Customers can earn and burn (spend) points by scanning their QR codes at the Customer Ordering Device (COD) at Drive-Thru. The COD is where you communicate with the order taker to place your order. If scanning is not available at the COD, you should double click on the QR code and read out the code displayed on your device to the order taker. If you forget to scan or read the code at the COD, you may scan your code at the payment window, as long as this is done before payment.

                    Q: Do I need to scan the loyalty card if I’m redeeming a deal or a reward?

                    A: No, by scanning any QR code on the app the MyM Rewards account will automatically be linked to the ongoing transaction. Therefore, if you scan the QR code to redeem a deal or a reward you don’t need to scan the QR code on the loyalty card as well.

                    Q: Can I also earn points at McCafé?

                    A: Yes. Points can be earned and redeemed at the front counter, self-ordering kiosks in restaurants, at Drive-Thru, and at McCafé counters.

                    Q: What happens when I cannot scan the QR code?

                    A: If the scanners are not reading the QR code, you should double click the QR code and read out the code that will be displayed on your screen to the order taker. If you are using the self-ordering kiosk you can manually input the code by clicking the “Scan Code” button on the top right corner of the screen.

                    Q: I forgot to scan MyM Rewards while making a transaction, what can I do?

                    A: To earn or burn points, the QR code on the McDonald’s App must be scanned before the payment. Once payment is completed there is no way of linking the MyM Rewards account to the transaction.

                    Q: What happens if I redeem a reward but do not use it in-store?

                    A: If a reward is redeemed against points from the App, but this reward is not used within the 15 minutes redemption window, the reward will reappear and becomes available again in 33 minutes (without burning any points again).

                    Q: I have a problem with the points on MyM Rewards

                    A: If you have a problem with the points on your MyM Rewards account, kindly contact us.

                    Q: Is MyM Rewards available on McDelivery, Uber Eats or Mr Delivery?

                    A: No. MyM Rewards is exclusively available on the McDonald’s app. As delivery is operated through the Uber Eats and Mr Delivery apps, you cannot earn points on McDelivery orders.

                    Q: What are the T&C’s for MyM Rewards?

                    A: The full Terms & Conditions regulating MyM Rewards can be found on the McDonald’s App.