A passion for flavor and quality

A passion for flavor and quality - McDonald's

McDonald's is committed to delivering excellence in every cup of coffee we serve. We use only the highest quality Arabica coffee, renowned worldwide for its bold complexity and mesmerizing aroma. Grown in higher altitudes, Arabica coffee beans develop more complex flavors, making them the preferred choice for coffee aficionados.

Using 100% Rainforest Alliance certified Arabica coffee not only upholds ethical practices but also guarantees a superior taste experience. Yet, it's not just the ethically sourced, high-quality beans that contribute to our perfect brew.

McDonald's harnesses the power of premium beans, freshness, and impeccable water quality to ensure a consistent, delightful taste every day. Our coffee beans are ground in small batches throughout the day for optimal freshness and flavor. We use filtered water to enhance taste and eliminate any unwanted flavors. Additionally, our high-quality coffee machines and equipment brew coffee consistently at the right temperature.

Moreover, our unique blending formula ensures a distinctive flavor profile available at every McCafé outlet.

Why we use Arabica coffee beans

Arabica coffee is revered for producing the highest quality coffee beans. Originating in Ethiopia, it's grown worldwide in high-altitude regions like Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Costa Rica. Arabica beans offer a distinct flavour profile ranging from sweet and fruity to nutty and chocolaty.

There are several reasons for Arabica's popularity:

1. Flavour: Known for their complex and delicious flavors with notes of fruit, chocolate, and nuts.

2. Aroma: Pleasant and inviting aroma enhancing the coffee-drinking experience.

3. Quality: Considered a premium product due to meticulous cultivation and harvesting.

4. Health benefits: Lower caffeine content and higher antioxidants compared to other varieties.

5. Popularity: High demand among coffee enthusiasts globally.

At McDonald's, we ensure superior quality, ethically produced, and delicious coffee served fresh every day, all at an affordable price.

Our variety is unmatched

While not primarily a coffee outlet chain, McDonald's sells millions of cups of coffee daily, offering a wide variety of coffee products to suit every coffee drinker's preference. From robust brews for ardent coffee lovers to lattes and iced-coffees for flavor enthusiasts, McDonald's caters to diverse tastes. Our menu includes espresso-style coffees like cappuccino and caffe latte, along with brewed coffee, both hot and iced.

What makes McDonald’s coffee irresistible? It's the dedication to sustainability, creating bold flavors tailored to every palate, keeping our McCafé patrons coming back for more.

Just like every ingredient in our menu, the quality of the source and the passion infused into every cup of McDonald's coffee is paramount.