January / 2024

McDonald’s South Africa refers to the journey of its sustainably produced coffee as ‘The Power of the Bean.’

It is a story about overcoming challenges and retaining its promise to customers to promote environmental best practices and give back to community. Coffee’s popularity has a complex history marked by exploitative production practices that resulted in massive deforestation, intensive water waste, and environmental pollution.

by Kerry Dimmer, Jan 18, 2024

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A passion for flavor and quality

McDonald's is committed to delivering excellence in every cup of coffee we serve. We use only the highest quality Arabica coffee, renowned worldwide for its bold complexity and mesmerizing aroma.

by , Jan 11, 2024

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McDonald's commitment to supporting sustainable coffee farming 

As a food brand which believes in quality ethically produced products, McDonald's South Africa is committed to promoting farming practices that protect the environment while giving back to local communities.

by , Jan 04, 2024

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