FAQ's on contactless delivery.

FAQ's on contactless delivery. - McDonald's

Why is McDonald’s SA not opening all of its restaurants nationally?

McDonald’s South Africa, in line with Level 4 lock down restrictions, is only permitted to operate via delivery services. Only those restaurants that are able to open at this time and who offer delivery service will be open.

What happened to all the food in your restaurants when you closed?

McDonald’s South Africa took the opportunity to show our support for the first responders and people serving on the front line and donated all the perishable food in our restaurants to them on the day we closed and received deliveries of all our fresh produce the day we before we opened.

How is McDonald’s ensuring food safety during this partial opening?

McDonald’s SA has stringent safety protocols and procedures in place that ensure adherence to world class standards including those set out by the government as it relates to quality, cleanliness, hand hygiene, sanitization, temperature checks, masks, gloves and social distancing while preparing all food.

How is McDonald’s ensuring food safety whilst my food is being delivered to me?

McDonald’s SA has stringent safety protocols and procedures in place. All deliveries will be conducted via ‘Contactless Delivery’.

What measures is McDonald’s taking around staff safety and hygiene?

At McDonald’s, the health and safety of our employees is a top priority. We are adhering strictly to stringent hygiene and cleanliness procedures that include temperature testing, wearing masks, hand washing, sanitisation and social distancing whilst on duty