Know your food…

Know your food… - McDonald's

I’m not here to talk about the highs, lows or dangers of fast food. What I am here to do is let you know about McDonald’s “Know Our Food” programme, which is meant to answer all our questions about where their food comes from, and offer transparent answers and explanations.

The programme has just launched locally, and follows similar campaigns in the US, Canada, Australia and UAE.

As part of the Know Our Food programme, customers will be able to access answers to most commonly asked questions about McDonald’s food on a website and on Ask Google, using the Google Voice Search function on mobile devices.

The questions are quite hard hitting. Some of them are tame, for example, “Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef?” Some of them I’ve always wanted to know myself: “”What percent of actual chicken is in your chicken McNuggets?” and “”Is there a process in place for cleaning the vegetables used in a salad?”. Others are quite open: “Are cow eyes included in the 100% beef claim?”

In addition, the ‘Know Our Food’ programme is supported by a number of behind-the-scenes videos showcasing McDonald’s quality standards.

For more info, see their website or go to their YouTube channel.