McDonald’s encourages you to ‘Know Our Food’

McDonald’s encourages you to ‘Know Our Food’ - McDonald's

How do you communicate effectively with customers when running a massive operation? McDonald’s South Africa has adopted an interesting strategy to create a more intimate relationship with its customers.


McDonald’s South Africa is addressing the issue of its ingredients through a fun and engaging campaign called ‘Know Our Food’. It has created a website so that customers can see exactly how the company’s food is prepared and is also encouraging customers to tour a McDonald’s kitchen.

In fact, some have even questioned the quality of the products being used. For example, some have accused the company of using powdered milk and eggs.

To prove that this is definitely not the case, McDonald’s South Africa have created a website called ‘Know Our Food’ and a series of videos starring the company’s actual employees and suppliers.

“We've heard just about every rumour out there and so have you. So, we're taking you behind the scenes to see exactly where your McDonald's comes from and how it's made,” says the website.

The site is very open about some of the questions that have been levelled at the brand, even dealing with issues such as ‘Does McDonald's use pink slime in their products?’ and ‘Are cow eyes included in the 100% beef claim?’

McDonald’s has also stated that any customer is free to ask for a tour of a company kitchen to see for themselves what’s happening behind the scenes.

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  • McDonald’s addresses the issue of its ingredients in a fun and interesting way.
  • McDonald’s has created the ‘Know Our Food’ website to show customers exactly what is happening in the company’s kitchens.
  • McDonald’s has included its suppliers in the campaign, showing exactly where it ingredients come from.