McDonald’s SA unlocks coffee sustainability through climate-smart agriculture

McDonald’s SA unlocks coffee sustainability through climate-smart agriculture - McDonald's

At McDonald’s South Africa, 'feel good coffee' isn't just about the premium quality coffee beans in every delightful cup of McCafé coffee; it signifies a commitment to sustainable coffee production through climate-smart agriculture. Customers can trust that McCafé aligns with the global movement led by the Rainforest Alliance, ensuring environmentally and socially responsible practices in coffee farming and trade.

Climate-smart agriculture embraces innovative, sustainable methods to address the specific climate challenges faced by coffee farming communities. Techniques like soil and crop management and water conservation aim to boost farmer productivity and secure their livelihoods while conserving natural resources. This approach has spurred McCafé’s introduction of 100 percent compostable Keurig-compatible pods. These compostable coffee pods, made from plant-based materials and certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, aim to reduce waste while linking innovation and sustainability.

McDonald’s Worldwide committed to sustainably sourcing 100% coffee beans by 2020, catalyzed by McDonald’s Scale for Good initiatives, strategically aligned with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and carried out through partnerships with coffee roasters. McDonald’s demonstrates this commitment by exploring innovation even in environmental sustainability, aiming to leverage its scale for a zero-waste-to-landfill impact.

The Rainforest Alliance certification mark on every McCafé coffee offering embodies sustainability across social, economic, and environmental pillars. It guarantees that social, economic, and environmental factors have been rigorously adhered to. This certification also assures customers that coffee farmers have received training to increase yields and preserve land health for future generations.

Feel good coffee delivers an enjoyable, holistic customer experience founded on the value of McDonald’s using its Scale for Good to create a positive global impact.