McDonald’s South Africa introduces a new simpler way to order your food

McDonald’s South Africa introduces a new simpler way to order your food - McDonald's

1. Why is McDonald’s SA introducing new names for its meal sizes?

In an effort to align with the Global McDonald’s operating standards and naming convention, McDonald’s SA will be changing the names of its meal sizes in accordance with those used globally.

2. When will this name change take effect?

The change of the meal size names will take effect on Tuesday, 25 August 2020.

3. Which restaurants will undertake this name change?

The new meal size names will be introduced at all our restaurants across the country.

4. What new names should I use when ordering my meals at McDonald’s restaurants?

Customers visiting our restaurants will now place their order using the new meal name as follows:

  • Current Medium renamed to Regular
  • Current Large renamed to Medium
  • Current Extra Large renamed to Large
  • Current Extra Large will no longer be available

5. How does this name change affect the size of my meal?

The new meal size name will not affect the size of your meal. You will still be able to enjoy the same size of your favourite feel good McDonald’s meal, you will just be using a different name when placing your order.

6. Does this name change mean that I will be paying extra for my meals?

No. Currently, this change will not affect the pricing of your favourite meal. It is merely a naming convention change designed to simplify the customer’s ordering process with only three options to choose from.

7. Will there be any changes to Happy Meals, Sharebags and Breakfast meals with small fries?

There will be no changes to the Happy Meal, Sharebags and Breakfast meals.

8. Will small fries still be available?

Customers who wish to order small fries will still be able to do this upon request. However, this will not be communicated to customers on our menu boards.

9. Will this change affect McCafe beverage sizes?

The meal size change will not affect the small, standard and tall beverage sizes available at McCafe