McDonald’s South Africa launches Together Mzansi, a nation building initiative

McDonald’s South Africa launches Together Mzansi, a nation building initiative - McDonald's

Johannesburg; Thursday, 02 February 2023:- McDonald’s South Africa today launched Together Mzansi, a nation-building initiative and call to action for communities to come together in finding solutions to the challenges we face in society.

Drawing inspiration from 26 years of changing lives through various charitable initiatives in the country, Together Mzansi is a collective effort of all levels of society, to make a positive difference to the lives of our people and communities.

From job creation in many cities and towns across our beautiful country, to housing the families of many hospitalised children at the Nelson Mandela Children Hospital, and Baragwanath Hospital, through the Ronald McDonald House Charities, McDonald’s has been part of the fabric of South Africa since the dawn of democracy. The company has also played a major role in helping communities by partnering with customers, suppliers and stakeholders to bring change to communities.

“In the past three years, we have held hands with communities who have shown resilience and unwavering spirit during the dark tides of the Covid-19 pandemic, devastating floods and political instability. It is these events that gave rise to a renewed sense of purpose and inspiration, compelling us, together with our partners, customers, and stakeholders to do more for our communities,” says Daniel Padiachy, Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald’s South Africa.

Together Mzansi is the unique result of using our influence and reach to partner with McDonald’s customers, company staff, franchisees, suppliers and other stakeholders to drive impact by coming together with communities to foster positive change, one initiative at a time.

Together Mzansi is about showing people that as South Africans, we may all be different, but we can come together for the things that matter. As the country looks forward to a prosperous year ahead, McDonald’s South Africa brings Together Mzansi, as a reminder to the people of South Africa of how unity makes us stronger in the face of adversity.

“We understand that we triumph as a country when we stand together, and this philosophy aims to remind all of us to do so now, as the country faces various challenges. Mzansi is known for the spirit of ubuntu, ‘I am because you are.’ Sisonke, Re kaofela, We are Together Mzansi,” concludes Padiachy.