McDonald’s SA – “Know Our Food”

McDonald’s SA – “Know Our Food” - McDonald's

For years my excuse for why it’s totally healthy to drink McDonald’s milkshakes, is because they’re made out of potato. And since potato is a vegetable, then the milkshake is obviously a vegetable, too. Right?

Well, wrong.

Nevermind my warped logic, the McDonald’s SA “Know Our Food” Campaign has proven that their milkshakes are 100% potato-free. And a whole bunch of other shockingly inaccurate beliefs.

“Know Our Food” is all about transparency. It’s McDonald’s way of answering questions about their food. They realise that people have misconceptions and that it could lose them customers. So they’re welcoming you into their world to ask any questions that you may have. They believe in their product, and want you to, too! You can tell that they’re serious about being honest, even down to adding the nutritional benefits of each menu item to their online menu.

“Know Our Food” is a digitally run campaign that lives predominantly on their microsite, Here there is a list of commonly asked questions, along with the responses.

I tried it out, I asked Google a few of the below, popular questions via Google’s voice search (you can also use ordinary mobile Google search):

“OK Google, are McDonald’s milkshakes really made from potatoes?” Or click here.
“OK Google, Does McDonald’s use real meat?” Or click here.
“OK Google, are McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets® made with pink slime?” Or click here.
“OK Google, are McDonald’s fries made from powder?” Or click here.
“OK Google, how is my Big Mac made once I order it?” Or click here.
“OK Google, how is my McDonald’s made once I order it?” Or click here.
“OK Google, are McNuggets® made with real chicken” Or click here.
“OK Google, does McDonald’s use real chicken” Or click here.
“Ok Google, Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef? Or click here.

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