Meal Matchmaking

Meal Matchmaking - McDonald's

Finding the love of your life is hard, so this Valentine's Day McDonald’s made it slightly easier.

McDonald’s played cupid by turning the loyalty app into a dating App. At McDonald’s we really do believe that food is a love language and we wanted to bring people together purely based on the meal orders. The campaign started with a viral tweet that rallied all South African brands to join in on a fun & light-hearted twitter thread.

We announced the campaign and the match making begun. Thousands of dating profiles started pouring in and matches were made by pairing couples under the meal categories of ‘opposites attract’ ‘like minded’ ‘picky’ & ‘quirky’. Once the couples were matched, they received an invite to attend a Valentines ate in Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town.

On 14th February the #McDMatchMake dates took place, we hosted over 48 dates nationwide, they met for the first time and enjoyed each other’s company over a romantic setting, great vibes and good food.

To those who did not get meal matched, we offered a FREE McFlurry on the app, as a sweet peace offering.

We hope they have finally found the fries to their Big Mac.