Customers - McDonald's

We care about our customers.

Our care extends beyond the safety that customers are guaranteed within the walls of all our restaurants. For our customers, care also means being on the receiving end of our efforts to ensure that the delicious fresh food that have become such an essential part of our lives remain available.

Our Commitment to Health and Food Safety

We have built a business that is human-centered, because people are the heart and soul of our business. The health and wellbeing of our crew and customers has always pushed us to be a business that endeavors to go beyond the standard when it comes to serving our customers good quality food, served fast, even in the midst of uncertainty.

Our Service Standards

McDelivery is still on hand to deliver safe and freshly prepared feel good meals that customers can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. Understanding that social distancing plays an integral role, our Drive-Thru serves as another platform of assurance to customers that they can enjoy their meals while they adhere to all safety protocols.

Telling our stories.

We opened our doors 25 years ago, and since then, we have been proud to serve South Africans some of their favourite food, and along the way. Today, we have over 300 restaurants in all nine provinces across South Africa, serving over 8 million customers per month. We are a diverse, locally managed business employing over 16 000 people. Our staff is indicative of the South African population and we pride ourselves in diversity and transformation across all levels, including our franchisees and suppliers. Find out about the many stories that make all our people special and get to know more about the team that brings everything to life in the different parts of South Africa.