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We care about our people.

At McDonald’ South Africa, we use our scale for good to demonstrate our responsibility to our communities, our crew and our customers, because when it comes to quality service, health and food safety, WE CARE.

We Care Packages | Crew Kits

We are a people-centered business and so we prioritise safety, value people for who they are and work hard to create an environment in which they can thrive. We believe in people our people and we know the importance of looking after them to ensure that they are safe during this pandemic. This is why we have ensured that every one of our 15 000 crew members receive a care package, complete with sanitation essentials as well as non-perishable food for their families for the month.

Our Franchise Stories

McDonald’s success is built on a family-style philosophy with everyone working for a common cause. The key to our success is a solid base of unique individuals. Find out about the many stories that make all our franchises special and get to know more about the team(s) that brings everything to life in the different parts of South Africa.