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Kids Nutrition - McDonald's

We're providing better food options for our youngest guests.

We are a part of every community in America and care about the well-being of all of our guests, especially our youngest ones. So our dietitians are working to evolve the Happy Meal® for the better by providing access to quality options. Such milestones mark our ongoing efforts to increase access to fruit and other nutritious food for kids in every community.

Apple Slices 2 Col - McDonald's

Addition of Apple Slices

Happy Meals make it fun for our youngest guests to enjoy some better-for-you options. We first added Apple Slices to the Happy Meal with the introduction of Apple Dippers in April 2004. This means that all kids in the US 12 and younger have only known a Happy Meal with the choice of Apple Slices. Since that first introduction, we have served more than two billion packages of Apple Slices with our kids’ meals.

Happy Meal 2 Col - McDonald's

Boosting the Happy Meal Bundle

In March 2012, we introduced a new Happy Meal bundle that automatically included Apple Slices and a smaller, kid-sized fry and we continue to expand the Happy Meal side options, which now includes Apple Slices, Yoplait® GO-GURT® Low Fat Strawberry Yogurt, and, when in season, Cuties® as a fresh fruit choice. We also stopped promoting soft drinks as a beverage choice with the Happy Meal in 2004. This led to a real change in how families ordered, with more families selecting milk or juice as their beverage choice with Happy Meals.

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